Ladies and gentlemen it is once again that time of the year! The older I get the more I appreciate the fall. Dare I say, it’s better then winter. With this time of year comes Halloween! I had the idea of not only watching a horror movie a day, but to also record my thoughts for each movie in 2-3 sentences. That being said here are my 31 horror movies for October!

(quick side note: I love horror movies. One of the first movies I can ever remember watching was the original Halloween. Great parenting right?)

October 1st: SCREAM 1 (Netflix)

I am actually watching the movie as I type this. I figured I’d make an exception for this one and essentially do a live reaction as I watch. I love this movie. When I think about it,  I think a huge reason why this movie is still a success is because it respects the horror genre so much. It gave the blue print for so many horror movies we would get later on.

Okay Sydney’s house is absolutely ridiculous. Sydney’s family must be millionaires.

I completely forgot Henry Winkler is the principal haha! Pretty sure he actually dies, so random.

There are so many scenes in this movie that just make me laugh because all I can think about are the spoofs from Scary Movie 1. Scary Movie 1 was ahead of its time.

She really dies from a garage door. That’s an embarrassing way to die.

So….Sydney was doing a great job with not budging when it came to keeping her virginity. She was avoiding a SIN. So why would NOW, at this party, be the best time to do IT when there is other people in the house? You better then that Syd.

Ah one of my favorite moments! When everyone is watching Halloween! Rule 1: You could never have sex! Sex=Death! Number 2: Don’t drink or do drugs! Number 3: Never ever say “I’ll be back!”

I can never take Dewey seriously. All I see is Doofy. Doofy is so horribly offensive there is no way in hell you could ever pull that off again these days. Wayne’s Bros. are geniuses.

They just put the original Halloween theme over Randy’s character finding out Principle Winkler is dead (yes i am aware that isn’t the principals name). One again paying homage to movies before it. Soo good.

Oh Syd really did have sex. Alright then. You do you.

The way they’re using music cues from Halloween in this movie never gets old.

Matthew Lillards (Stu) performance in the kitchen is so weird and disturbing. Seeing Stu essentially act like a child and volunteering to get stabbed is a big no for me. He oddly enough makes Billy seem even less intimidating. Lillard did amazing.

“I think I’m really dying here.”

“Did you really call the police? (you bet your ass) my mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me”, is a classic line haha.

Syd just stabbed Billy twice with an umbrella, I take back some of my early criticisms, she a G’. And she just crushed Stu’s head with a TV. She good now.

I think Gale just nocked Billy for 99. He needs meds.

And Sydney hit him with that double tap.

Scream 1 completely holds up. Had fun re-watching it.

October 2nd: Insidious (Netflix)

This was my second time ever seeing this movie. I was 11 when it first came out. Just as terrifying.

October 3rd: The Conjuring (Netflix)

James Wan clearly understands the horror genre perfectly with this movie. It was never too jump scary. Patrick Wilson also doesn’t get enough recognition for his performances in horror movies, he always does great.

October 4th: Carrie (Netflix)

Carrie holds up so well. I always forget the ending was so dark. She didn’t have to kill the teacher tho, that was petty.

October 5th: Hereditary (Amazon)

I heard so many great things but never watched it. I was blown away. It didn’t not go the way I thought it did.

October 6th: A Quiet Place (Amazon)

This movie was a ton of fun. It was a really cool concept. It’s nice to see original ideas like this get great reception, looking forward to the second one.

October 7th: The Ritual (Netflix)

I think this movie is heavily slept on. While it may not be a ground breaking film, it’s such a solid movie. I think what makes this movie is it’s third act. Tons of horror movies completely flop the third act. I think this one does a great job with its conclusion.

October 8th:  Midsommar (Target)

I don’t even know what to write for this movie with little room. It deserves a whole article. One of the most unique, disturbing horror movies I’ve seen. Watch it!

October 9th: Children of the Corn (Amazon)

Older horror movies like this are always fun. They’re nice glimpses into what used to be scary back then. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of kids murdering all the adults in a town and worshiping something in a cornfield is still freaky. While you can tell the movie definitely aged, I still had fun watching it.

October 10th: Greenroom

October 11th: Overlord

October 12th: Saw 1

October 13th: Evil Dead

October 14th: Evil Dead 2

October 15th: Halloween 4

October 16th: Friday the 13th: Part One

October 17th: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

October 18th: Alien (1978)

October 19th: Prometheus

October 20th: The Fog (1980)

October 21st: It Follows

October 22nd: 28 Days Later

October 23rd: The VVITCH

October 24th: Jeepers Creepers

October 25th: Cabin in the Woods

October 26th: The Exorcist

October 27th: An American Werewolf in London

October 28th: The Lost Boys

October 29th: The Shinning

October 30th: The Thing

October 31st: Halloween (1978), Halloween (2018)

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